Met Office warning: Heavy rain to strike as ‘danger to life’ threat issued in Hereford

England has already seen 141 percent of its average February rainfall so far this month and this weekend is set to be no different as heavy downpours continue to be forecast. The onslaught of rain has prompted the Environment Agency to issue two danger to life warnings in Hereford, as well as 67 red flood warnings across the rest of the UK.

The Environment Agency has issued two severe flood warnings in Hampton Bishop, a village south-east of Hereford, Herefordhsire, as spells of heavy rain are forecast this weekend.

The red alert, which warns of danger to life, is in place from today and is likely to be extended through the weekend.

The severe weather warning covers the River Lugg and the River Why as forecasters put in place hundreds of flood warnings and alerts covering much of the country.

Rainfall is forecast for the area tonight into Saturday, which experts fear could cause water levels for both the River Lugg and Why to rise to dangerous levels.

For the River Wye, current river levels remain high at the Mordiford river gauge and the upcoming rain fall is likely to worsen this.

The water levels are expected to rise to between 4.3 and 4.8metres on Sunday.

But experts fear the river could rise beyond this, as rainfall is forecast into Monday night.

River levels on the River Lugg remain high at the Ludwardine river gauge, resulting in flood risks to nearby properties.

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The river is expected to rise to between 2.7 and 2.8metres throughout the weekend.

From Tuesday the weather is set to improve, with the Met forecasting dry and cloudy weather with some sunny spells on Wednesday.

67 additional red flood warnings have been issued across the UK, as the persistent rainfall threatens to wreak havoc across the UK.

149 amber alerts are also in place advising Britons to be prepared for the threat of flooding.

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The Environment Agency said river levels in the Colne, Ribble, Calder, Aire, Trent, Severn, Wye, Lugg, and Derwent all set new records in recent days.

The Met Office have also issued a number of yellow weather warnings over the weekend.

On Friday, the forecasters have issued four warnings for heavy rain and two for strong winds.

The areas most affected are the Scottish highlands and northern England.

On Saturday the Met Office warn of snow and ice in Scotland, as well as maintain several existing yellow weather warnings for rain.

They forecast “unsettled” weather conditions will continue over the next few weeks.

The warnings come as large areas of south Wales and the midlands continue to battle extensive flooding and launch clear-up organisations in areas where water levels had started to fall.

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