Mia Khalifa gets raunchy tat of nearly-naked woman leaving little to imagination

Mia Khalifa has taken to Instagram to share her new tattoos, which feature a scantily-clad woman sitting on a planet.

The former porn star took to the social media site yesterday (Friday, January 27) to show off her new ink.

Her new celestial designs were picked up at Skye Ink Tattoo Studio in Miami, Florida, USA, and feature everything from star signs to trippy god-like scenes.

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Mia shared a carousel of nine images, complete with the caption: “Two days, same outfit, new hands”.

In a predominantly pink get-up, the OnlyFans hero gave fans an insight into her lavish lifestyle, largely centred around her new body art.

The main piece is set on her right forearm and depicts a heavenly scene framed within a wreath of magic mushrooms and trees.

In it, planets reside over a mystical-looking pool of water from which a woman at the centre of the scene looks down on.

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Wearing very little, her only modesty is provided by two stars covering part of her chest.

She’s sitting on one of the planets and pouring a liquid into the pool while a huge star shines in the background.

Mia also seems to have gotten some new art on her hand, three stars in a connected line that looks similar to the constellation of Orion’s belt.

Mia looked in good spirits for the shoot that followed, smiling happily with her new art, wearing a baseball cap and, in many of the images, a pink two-piece Aries shirt and shorts.

Throughout the shoot, she is carrying with her a number of items, from a smoke to car keys to a cup of coffee.

Her new ink accompanies her many pre-existing tats, that follow all kinds of trippy themes from mushrooms to stars, dates and symbols.

The post has garnered huge interest online, raking in more than three-quarters of a million likes on Insta.

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