Mia Khalifa says she wasn’t called ‘pretty’ until she got ‘fake knockers’

Mia Khalifa has bemoaned trivial modern beauty standards as she launched a scathing attack on some of the worst aspects of the porn industry.

She discussed the realities of life after porn and the toss-up between being perhaps the most famous pornstar of all time and a person who wants nothing to do with the adult industry.

Speaking to Arcadia , Mia explained the realities of being a young woman in a potentially exploitative industry and the challenges of being in your early 20s in today’s society.

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She said: “No one called me pretty until I lost 60lbs and got fake knockers.

“So anytime someone would show me even a shred of attention, I felt like I had to grasp onto it.”

She said that the loving eyes made her feel seen and were part of the reason she went back for more.

Mia added: “I did not want to lose that feeling that made me feel special.

“I didn’t feel that way growing up, and I felt very, very ugly growing up.

“Oh my God the things I would do for the male gaze…, but that was my internalised misogyny.”

These days Mia knows herself and how to recognise such unhealthy behaviour for young women.

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“I’ve learned that you don’t have to placate anyone who gives you a compliment just because you’re afraid you’re never gonna get another one again,” she said.

“That stems from low self-esteem and self-hatred and all of these really, really harmful things for young women.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she touched on her legacy for other women going into the industry – many regard her as an inspiration – and people still tell her she’s still their favourite.

“Please do not come up to me and tell me that, even if it is true, please keep it to yourself. You just bought my therapist’s third child braces. My guilty conscience doesn’t need to hear that,” she said.

“It is not because of me that you joined the industry. It’s probably things that have stemmed from your childhood and you need to delve deep into them.”

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