Mia Khalifa throws support behind Palestine in conflict with Israel

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Pornhub icon Mia Khalifa has thrown her support behind Palestine in the ongoing conflict with Israel.

As tensions ramp up in the Middle East, the 28-year-old criticised the United States for "funding crimes against humanity" in a string of social media posts.

It comes as 10 Palestinians from an extended family, including eight children, were killed by an Israeli strike in Gaza City, and one Israeli was killed in a rocket attack near Tel Aviv.

In Gaza, at least 126 people have been killed, while fatalities in Israel have risen to seven, including a six-year-old boy and a soldier.

Since Monday night, Palestinian militant group Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets into Israel, whose military responded by barraging the Gaza Strip with tank fire and air strikes.

Lebanese-born Mia has been wading into the debate, using the hashtag #FreePalestine on social media.

After posting a picture of people from neighbouring Jordan online, she wrote: "Thousands of Jordanians marching towards the border to clash with the occupation forces in Palestine after the devastating ground and air attacks in Gaza this morning."

Another post read: "Gaza is being wiped from the map."

A third showed a picture of the devastating scene in Gaza with the caption added: "Bodies are being pulled out of this rubble.

"Your silence is condoning this."

Later Mia posted a picture of a small baby, writing: "This little boy is the only survivor after 7 of his family members were murdered in their home by an Israeli air strike in Gaza about an hour ago.

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"This is playing out in front of us, and the US continues to "unconditionally support" it.

Meanwhile, protesters in London scaled the Israeli embassy as thousands joined a march to demonstrate against violence in Gaza.

Around 10 people used scaffolding to climb the building in Kensington.

Huge crowds flocked to Kensington High Street where a temporary stage has been set up by organisers. Dozens of police officers have lined nearby streets.

The protest, which officially started at 12pm, saw demonstrators march from Hyde Park to the Israeli embassy.

Demonstrators could be heard chanting "free, free Palestine" and held banners calling for an end to the bombing of the territory by Israeli forces.

Thousands of Palestinians have been forced to flee from their homes after a week of state-sanctioned violence in the region.

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