Mike’s Monday Outlook: temperatures take a quick dip

While there have been some cold days so far in 2020, we’ve avoided prolonged stretches in the deep freeze.

This week, as much as temperatures will cool off, the forecasted temperatures aren’t too cold overnight, but there will be some brisk afternoons.

Here are the daytime highs so far this month in Winnipeg.

Temperatures so far this month are not far off the typical daily mean temperature for February. The trend, though, for the last few days has been cooler nights.

Temperatures on the morning of Feb. 12 were -30.3 C and from Feb. 13 to 16 the daily low temperatures have been between -23 C and -28 C.

A typical overnight low this time of year is just above -20 C.

Some cool air will descend into Manitoba once again this week, keeping the conditions clear but also keeping temperatures below normal for the better part of the week.

While the overnight temperatures will continue to be in the -20s C, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are likely to be colder.

Again, just like the rest of this winter, we aren’t going to be in for a long stretch of cool weather. Temperatures will start to warm up towards the end of the week.

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