Millionaire dentist promised ‘celeb smiles’ and then mutilated poorer patients

A multimillionaire dentist has been jailed for mutilating hundreds of patients and thousands of teeth after promising his victims "celebrity smiles".

French dentist Lionel Guedj, 42, had promised his patients the "celebrity smiles" through a series of botched procedures that were said to have been responsible for "wiping the smiles off the faces" of his victims.

The 42-year-old dentist prescribed a series of expensive, harmful and unnecessary treatments which were often rushed and caused serious dental problems later down the line, a court has heard.

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In total, Guedj is said to have killed off the nerves of 3,900 healthy teeth due to root canal procedures that were deemed pointless between 2006 and 2012.

Many of the patients went on to develop serious dental problems after the botched celebrity smiles, with Guedj seeing up to 70 patients a day.

Ouassila, who did not give her full name ahead of the ruling, said of Guedj's work: "I had lost half my teeth by the time I was 45, and at 55 I no longer had any, only implants."

Other victims added that the trauma from the botched tooth jobs led to chronic pain, infections, social problems and even an instance of divorce.

All the while, Guedj was deemed the "wealthiest dentist in France," raking in £2.5million (2.9million euro) in 2010 alone.

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He also owned a Ferrari, a yacht valued at £605,000, paintings by pop art legend Andy Warhol as well as five flats, three in Paris and two in the Alps.

Most of the patients were from impoverished council estates and claimed back the dental care through the social security system, with Guedj and his father Carnot Guedj both struck from the dental register.

The pair were also found guilty of inflicting "voluntary violence leading to mutilation or a permanent disability" of 327 patients, with Guedj jailed for eight years and father Carnot, 70, jailed for five years.

Presiding judge Céline Ballerini said that the two men had "wiped the smile" off of patients' faces and "destroyed" their lives in the process, The Telegraph reported.

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