‘Mind-blowing’ Storm Eunice video shows brewing storm prepare to unleash ‘destruction’

Storm Eunice: Blizzards will lead to power cuts says expert

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The BBC Weather meteorologist said Storm Eunice is expected to bring along up to 12 inches of snow as well as wind gusts in the excess of 70mph through Friday. Chris Fawkes noted areas with high buildings could prove to be particularly treacherous for Britons and cause falls. He shared footage showing Eunice building off the Atlantic Ocean, noting the Met Office issued several warnings before the storm had even formed.

Mr Fawkes said: “One of the things I find mind-blowing about Storm Eunice is we’ve had these weather warnings out for four days.

“The first warning was issued on Monday – this storm didn’t even start to form until this time yesterday. So it’s only actually existed for 24 hours.

“It’s going to cause some big problems, we’ve talked about the winds, that’s going to bring widespread damage and destruction across parts of England and Wales, but it’s not the only hazard.

“Northern England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, we’re looking at blizzard conditions. 10 to as much as 30cm of snow coming down really heavily, really quickly.”

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He continued: “That also leads to power cuts because sticky snow will stick to power cables, weigh them down and cause them to collapse.

“We might find motorists stranded on some higher routes.”

Discussed the potential impact of Storm Eunice on the Greater London area and other cities with several high buildings, he warned Britons to pay particular attention in those locations.

Mr Fawkes continued: “Tomorrow, we could be looking at gusts of winds into the 70s mph in the Greater London area and because it’s a built-up area, it’s very sensitive to those kind of wind strengths.

Storm Eunice: Weather chart shows winds up to 100mph

“I think we’re looking for a significant destruction building in.

“It could do, particularly if you’re around some of the buildings around London because those higher buildings can funnel the wind and can grab down some higher momentum air from higher up in the atmosphere.”

Motorists in Devon and Cornwall are being urged to stay at home because of Storm Eunice with winds up to 90mph predicted.

Superintendent Adrian Leisk, strategic lead for roads policing in Devon and Cornwall, said: “Red weather warnings are extremely rare so I would urge everyone to take extreme caution under the circumstances.


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“Please do not travel in your vehicle unless your journey is absolutely necessary. If you can stay or work at home, then please do – particularly in the morning when the red weather warning is in place.

“If you absolutely have to make a journey, leave early and give plenty of time to allow for any disruption.

“Drive slowly to give yourself maximum time to react, turn your lights on to make sure you are visible, and, if possible, avoid travelling on roads located near trees or on the coast.

“At present, this weather warning is only in place for one day so please don’t put yourself and others at risk for the sake of a journey which doesn’t need to be made.”

A red weather warning – the highest alert, meaning a high impact is very likely – has been issued by the Met Office due to the combination of high tides, strong winds, and storm surge, which is understood to be a rare event for the UK.

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