Miracle baby survives being born at 23 weeks with head ‘smaller than Biro lid’

A miracle baby was born so small she was the size of a biro pen – with her head tinier than the lid.

Betty Batt, from Liverpool, was birthed prematurely after just 23 weeks in the womb.

She weighed a miniscule 650 grams and left her mum, Karen, petrified as the year before Betty was born they had tragically lost their son, George, who was born prematurely at 22 weeks.

"It was pretty terrifying if I am honest because we have Stanley and Martha who are older and they were only seven and nine and sadly the year before Betty we lost a little boy, George,” Karen told The Echo.

"He was born at 22 weeks and he was only with us for two hours and there was very little they could do to help us.

“Betty was born 23 weeks gestation, she was very, very tiny. We have pictures of her next to a biro, if you imagine a BIC biro her head was probably a little smaller than a pen lid.

"It's hard to grasp how tiny she was.”

Karen had been raced by heroic paramedics from Warrington Hospital to Liverpool Women's Hospital in preparation for her daughter to be placed in intensive care.

After the scary birth, Betty spent 13 months in hospital and didn’t return home until July 2018.

But despite the tough start, today she is thriving at four-years-old.

Karen said her daughter is an "absolute joy and never stops smiling".

The mum added: "Betty is small but mighty. She brings the best out in everyone and we love her to pieces and she brings a lot of happiness to our family.

"People would say it was like a rollercoaster journey but we described it as snakes and ladders.

"It was like you climb a ladder on a good day and you think 'oh she's doing well', critically ill but in a stable place.

"And then she would just slide down the snake and it was just terrifying and we wondered whether she would ever get back up the ladder."

Betty was chosen as an ambassadors for this year's #TogetherForAlderHey campaign, with all proceeds going towards the new neonatal surgical unit at Alder Hey.

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