Miss GB finalist slams sickos who sent her topless model snaps to judges

A Miss Great Britain finalist has blasted vile “cyberbullies” who was axed from the competition after judges were sent photos from her old topless modelling shoots.

Portia-Valis Volkova bagged the Miss Kensington crown in September and was due to take part in yesterday’s national contest.

But, she was stripped of her title and kicked out after judges were sent links to vids and photos that showed her topless.

The Miss GB competition has strict rules against entrants who have been pictured in the nude.

Valis, 26, told The Sun: “These images are from a past life. I can’t fault the organisers, the rule are the rules, but the email they received was absolutely vile.

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“I have had a problem with someone or a group of people anonymously emailing bosses wherever I go showing them these videos.

“It feels like the cyberbullies have won. I haven’t done these sorts of things since I was 21 and raised so much money charity.

“I’m not ashamed of anything I have done and I think it is disgusting that someone can be discriminated against because of their past.”

Miss GB bosses later confirmed to the publication that Vlais, who appeared as a Dothraki prostitute on Game of Thrones and is a top classical musician, was axed due to the photos.

Valisfrom Kensington, west London, said the vile bullies had previously launched attacks against her.

She even revealled that while filming for the HBO show in Spain, she received an email from an anonymous sender who threatened to kidnap her.

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Kate Solomons said it was “with great regret” that Valis was let go and that she had confirmed topless and nude modelling and had “accepted our decision gracefully”.

Valis has previously performed at the Edinburgh Frige Festival and the The Hippodrome in London’s West End.

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