Moment ‘Chainsaw’ crocodile sprints towards trainer as horrified crowd watches

Footage has emerged of an enormous crocodile sprinting toward a man at a wildlife park as a terrified crowd watched on.

The Cuban beast named Chainsaw was seen leaping towards him and opening its jaw to reveal it's razor-sharp teeth, in a video that was taken at Gatorland Orlando wildlife reserve in Florida.

Meanwhile, the man it was chasing sprinted to get out of its way while visitors at the park watched on with bated breath until it waddled away.

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The US theme park posted the clip on Facebook where it has hit more than 1.4 million views so far, with the caption: "Chainsaw in action. Our amazing Cuban crocodile."

Many internet users were bowled over by the agile crocodile which was able to jump and run at speed, Mirror reports.

One user wrote: "I’ve never seen croc or alligator run like that. WTH."

Another added: "I've never seen a croc jump and run at the same time! That’s gonna be a no for me bro lol."

A third said: "I didn’t think they ran like that, thought it was more of a ‘waddle’ than a run. Slow motion really shows it well."

"Did not realise they hopped like frogs. I thought they ran alternating legs," a fourth commented.

However, Chainsaw's moves are not out of the ordinary as the species are known for being strong swimmers and adept at walking and leaping.

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The critters are equally at home in water on land and can leap from rivers to catch their prey.

Using their powerful tail thrust, they can push themselves out of the water to catch birds and mammals in overhanging tree branches.

Modest in size, they grow up to 7.5ft and typical weigh up to 12.8st.

Despite their medium size, they are highly aggressive animals, and potentially dangerous to humans.


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