Moment fight erupts on plane as flight attendant is injured trying to stop brawl

A shocking video shows a fight break out between three men onboard an Air Caraïbes flight after the plane took off from Paris.

In the clip, filmed by a passenger on the Airbus A350-1000, the men are shouting at each other in the aisle of the plane before tensions boil over and the altercation turns physical.

Passengers scream as the men rain blows on each other and a woman grabs hold of one of the men and tries to calm him down, but he starts hitting another man.

In another shot, a man is running down the aisle towards a violent pile-up but it's not clear whether or not he is trying to help separate the fight.

The arguing men, other passengers, and flight crew shout over each other so it's not easy to hear what is being said.

It later emerged that a female flight attendant was injured trying to break up the fight, which was heading from the French capital city to Cayenne in South America.

Three passengers, all Guyanese nationals, were arrested by police when the plane landed and face up to three years in prison for the fight on Friday (February 11) local media reports.

According to French news, the third defendant who pleaded self-defense has been acquitted.

Eric Michel, deputy general manager of Air Caraïbes, said: "Some customers helped our crew to contain this situation, the consequences of which could have been serious without the composure of our crew, who knew how to perfectly control the situation.

"We reserve the right to file a complaint."

"The prosecutor said: "These behaviors are absolutely inadmissible and intolerable: they call into question both the safety of the flight, the safety of the passengers and therefore the prosecution will be particularly firm and intractable on the repression of these types of behavior."

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