Moment gunmen opens fire at ex-Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe during speech

A shocking video has emerged suggesting Japan's ex-prime minister Shinzo Abe getting shot while giving a speech to the public in the city of Nara in west Japan.

The 67-year-old, who is the country's longest-serving prime minster, was injured and said to be bleeding from the chest and on the right side of his neck after being shot by a man from behind.

The attack happened at around 11.30am local time (3.30am GMT) on Friday, July 8.

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News footage from Japanese media shows Mr Abe giving a campaign speech for this Sunday's upper house elections and a gun shot can be heard from behind him.

A trail of smoke appears from the left corner of the screen as Mr Abe and the crowd search for an escape route.

He collapsed to the ground after two shots were heard and was airlifted to a hospital.

Mr Abe was described as in a "state of heart failure" in critical condition, as prime minister Fumio Kishida added: "Currently doctors are doing everything they can, at this moment.

"I am hoping and praying that former prime minister Abe will survive this."

An eyewitness told NHK: "Former prime minister Abe was giving a speech normally, but a man came from behind.

"The first shot heard only a very loud sound and the person did not fall down. However, the moment the second shot was shot, former Prime Minister Abe collapsed."

Another added: "The suspect was holding something bigger than a pistol and was running away from the security."

Police arrested a 41-year-old suspect who gave a statement that he "was not satisfied with former PM Abe and aimed to kill him.

Officers confiscated a handmade double barrel gun.

According to Ministry of Defense officials, the suspect had been working for the Martime Self-Defense Force for three years until around 2005.


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