Monster pretended to be gay to befriend lesbian before violently raping her

A violent rapist pretended to be gay to befriend a lesbian woman on his train before sexually assaulting her.

Taurence Callagain, 36, claimed the sex was consensual, but he was convicted of rape at Fulton County Court in the US state of Georgia.

The vile monster convinced the woman that the friendship was platonic by pretending to be gay, the court heard.

In a statement, Fulton County District Attorney Paul L Howard Jr said Callagain met his victim at a station in Atlanta in August 2015.

The pair often ended up on the same train as they went to work, and he was able to befriend the woman — who is in a long term relationship.

He told her he was gay, and they eventually exchanged phone numbers.

On September 6, 2015, the victim missed her bus and Callagain offered to give her a ride home according to prosecutors.

As he was driving, he told the woman he needed to go to his house quickly to pick up some cannabis.

The woman accompanied him inside the house, at which point he suddenly started strangling her.

He then pushed her into his bedroom and began to rape her.

Callagain warned his victim that if she screamed or tried to stop him, he would "get my boys to come in and hold you down".

She later told investigators that she could hear another man's voice in the house, and was "terrified" that he would come in if she made a sound.

The victim eventually managed to flee Callagain's house and make it home, some three miles away.

She later went to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment, before police were called.

Police were able to charge Callagain after his victim accurately described the interior of his home.

A pair of her underwear was also found in his laundry hamper.

The defendant claimed the sex was consensual, but he was later arrested.

A spokesman for the prosecutors said: "The defendant has a pending aggravated assault case in Fulton County but has no other criminal history.

Callagain will be scheduled for sentencing before Judge Eric Dunaway at a later date.

He has been held in the Fulton County Jail since Friday.

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