Montreal snow removal operation complete 10 days after recent storms

Montreal’s fifth snow removal operation has come to a close.

As of Monday night, Info neige is reporting 98 per cent of city streets have been cleared of snow.

The news comes 10 days after the recent snowstorms that hit the city, dumping an estimated 60 centimetres in some areas.

While most of the boroughs had much of their snow cleared by Monday morning, Verdun and the Sud-Ouest borough were lagging behind with only 80  per cent of their streets cleared.

Snowbanks still lined 5th Avenue, causing motorist Malcom Kokosopoulos to circle the block several times before finding parking.

“It should have already been done because we have to move, we have our lives to live,” Kokosopoulos said.

Verdun resident Emilie Launier thanked god when she saw her street cleared.

The new mother had to park several blocks away from her home numerous times since there was limited parking on her street.

“It’s not the biggest storm and I think it’s the one that took the longest to get the snow off the street,” Launier said.

“It’s unacceptable.”

Verdun officials said a shortage of workers on weekends is to blame for the delay.

Étienne Brunet, Verdun borough spokesperson, said truck operators could only work between Monday and Saturday.

Brunet said 10 days is long but still an acceptable time frame, one that matched the city centre’s date of completion.

“It was a challenge for our crews,” city spokesperson Philippe Sabourin said.

“Ten days is  OK, these are good numbers because there was more than 60 centimetres in total.”

Sabourin called the operation a success, stating there were no accidents reported.

With more snow expected to fall Tuesday and Wednesday, Sabourin says city workers are ready to launch the city’s next operation.

“I assure you our crews are ready to hit the road again,” he said.

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