Mum and boyfriend charged as four-year-old girl found dead with human bite marks

The mother of a four-year-old girl found dead with bruises and bite marks has been charged by police, along with the woman's boyfriend.

Autumn Marie Horak was found unresponsive when police and paramedics were called to the family home on Friday morning.

Emergency services were unable to resuscitate her, and the young girl was pronounced dead at the scene.

Christina Collado, 21, and Jerome Millen, 22, have now both been charged by South Milwaukee Police in connection with the death.

The youngster was found covered head to toe in bruises and had numerous suspected bite marks, The Sun reports.

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Collado told police she had put Autumn to bed on Thursday evening, but Millen had discovered her unresponsive when he went to wake her up the next morning.

In a statement, the South Milwaukee Police Department said: "Life saving efforts were performed on the child, but were unsuccessful and the child was pronounced deceased at the scene.

"Our investigation revealed that the victim was physically abused and her death was ruled a homicide.

"The South Milwaukee Police Department made two arrests in connection with this case and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has reviewed the evidence."

Family members and others have told police that Millen had physically abused Autumn in the past and often "went too far" when disciplining her, according to local reports.

When he was told the girl was dead, Millen is reported to have said: "So my life is over.”

Millen, 22, has been charged with physical abuse of a child, repeated acts causing death, while Collado, 21, has been charged with chronic neglect of a child resulting in death.

In an obituary posted by the family on a funeral home website, Autumn was described as a "chatterbox who loves talking to anyone and everyone."

The tribute adds: "Autumn had a creative imagination and loved books and being read to. She liked to watch Paw Patrol and educational YouTube videos, and adored Minnie Mouse."

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