Mum and son watch on as dad plunges to death in 100ft cliff jump disaster

A horrified wife and her son filmed the moment of her husband's death when he hurled himself off a cliff in a tombstoning stunt.

The shocking footage – filmed from a boat – shows the 31-year-old holidaymaker leaping off the edge around 100 feet above a Majorcan coast.

But instead of dropping into the sea, the tragic thrill-seeker hits a rocky outcrop.

The footage begins with the Dutch tourist standing on the cliff at an islet in the Malgrats Islands at around 1.45pm on May 12.

As he leaps into the air from the ledge it becomes clear he does not have enough momentum to clear the rocks beneath him.

As he crashes into them at high speed, his wife can be heard shouting: "Oh my God."

The victim’s partner and son reportedly received psychological help while the local authorities looked for the tourist’s body with a rescue boat, helicopter and diving team.

After a long search, the body was found in the water.

It is unclear if the local authorities are continuing to investigate the incident.

Tombstoning is a stunt where thrill-seekers hurl themselves off cliff edges and hit the water feet first.

Majorca is popular with tombstoning fans for its high, rocky coasts and even has agencies specialising in supervising holidaymakers' jumps.

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Sadly, it isn’t the only time a cliff jumping stunt has gone badly wrong – four people were raced to hospital in one day at Brit holiday hotspot Durdle Door in 2020, with the 200ft ledge tempting adrenaline junkies.

Horrified sunbathers could be heard shrieking in horror as two thrill-seekers jumped from a cliff arch on the packed beach and fell into the sea.

Two helicopters had to land at the Dorset beauty spot and thousands of people were sent home as the scene was closed by cops.

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