Mum asks if it’s OK to do her washing during Queen’s funeral if it’s just darks

A mother has taken to an internet forum to ask if it was appropriate for her to do her washing during the Queen's funeral if she only did black clothes.

And sensationally, the Mumsnet user was told "absolutely not" by someone who said the poster should stop acting as if "life goes on".

Many shops are closing today in honour of the Queen's funeral while Royal Mail announced there will be no collection, processing or delivery of letters and parcels.

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British Cycling even suggested people should not get on their bikes during the funeral, before being forced into an embarrassing U-turn after a fierce backlash from the public.

Many gyms and cinemas will be closed and no professional or amateur football can be played as English Heritage has confirmed that heritage sites across the UK, including Stone Henge and HMS Belfast, will be shut for visitors.

And the idea of paying respect seems to have become increasingly skewed, with one woman asking on Mumsnet yesterday, September 18: "Do you think it would be okay to do my washing and hang it out tomorrow (the day of the Queen’s state funeral), if I stick to blacks?"

Pressed on whether she was joking, the mum added: "Yes I am serious; I don’t want to offend. But the weather for the rest of the week is dreadful."

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One person responded: "Absolutely not. How could you even consider hanging out washing on the day our Queen is buried.

"You are acting as if life goes on, as if our whole world hasn't just come to a halt. Ridiculous."

Adding a bit of common sense, another person responded: "It's not North Korea yet do what you want."

"The only people whose feelings are important on the day of any funeral is the family of the deceased. I doubt very much whether Charles, William or the rest of them care about your washing whatever colour it may be," added another.


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