Mum savaged by rapid pack of dogs on way to work ‘feared she would be devoured’

A mum who was 'devoured by a savage pack of dogs while on her way to work 'feared for her life’ during the attack.

Agapi Kostea was attacked in Kalamata, in southern Greece on September 12, on what was only her third day in her job.

Agapi arrived in the factory courtyard of her work when the stray dogs 'furiously ran towards' her and attacked her.

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She described how the animals started biting her all over her body, adding that she curled up into a ball to protect herself and passed out during the attack.

Two colleagues chased the dogs away before taking Agapi to a nearby hospital where she is still undergoing treatment.

Grim photos taken in the hospital show bite marks and bruises all over Agapi's body.

The victim told local media she was “literally devoured”, left in “excruciating pain” and needed stitches over her body.

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She added: “I was screaming in pain when they were biting me.

"No one was there to hear me or help right away.

“I feared for my life, I cannot believe I survived.”

The mother also shared how she can’t hug her children, as the contact hurts too much.


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