Mum stabbed 60 times before killer sent text to her family warning ‘you’re next’

A murdered woman whose body was found crammed into a duffel bag had a text sent to her husband from her suspected killer that read “Your wife sent me to jail some years ago. I'm back”.

When Orsolya Gaal was found in Forest Hills, New York, some half a mile from her home, she had around 60 stab wounds, including deep slashes on her throat and defensive wounds to her hands.

Investigators said a trail from the blood-soaked bag led them to the victim’s house, in a secure gated community.

Ms Gaal’s husband Howard Klein, who was reportedly on a road trip with his 17-year-old son at the time of the murder, received the chilling text message apparently written the killer using the victim’s phone. It ended: “Your whole family is next”.

Police briefly detained the couple’s 13-year-old son, who is believed to have been in the family’s $2million home at the time of the murder, but quickly released him without charge.

A person wheeling a black Bauer hockey duffel bag, similar to the one in which the body was found, was spotted on CCTV footage near the crime scene in the early hours fo Saturday morning.

“Something is not adding up,” a source close to the investigation told The New York Times, “but there are cameras along the way. They’ll tell if it’s an adult or a child”.

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Local news site PIX11 News alleges that while Ms Gaal had told her son she was going out with a group of friends but she was in fact out with a man.

The body was found first by an anonymous member of the public who called police at around 8:11 am on Saturday April 16.

Before officers could reach the scene a second person, dog walker Glenn Van Nostrand, had also stumbled across the scene and called the 911 emergency number.

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Mr Van Nostrand, 51, explained what had happened when he opened the bag and found the body crammed inside: “To me it looked a mannequin.

“It didn't look very fleshy. It was more like a crash test dummy. I thought it was maybe some equipment being used for something. I didn't think anything of it”.

But as he looked further, seeing the blood pooled in the bottom of the bag, it dawned on him that he had found a dead body: “I thought, ‘Oh my goodness’, and called police,” telling them “There's a body in this bag”.

No arrests have as yet been made in the case, and no suspects have been identified.

Howard Klein is currently on his way back to New York, saying that he is at least glad that his son was unharmed: “There are concerns about our safety,” he told reporters. “Our lives are at risk.”

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