Mum with 33 points on her licence moans her kids ‘refuse to get taxi to school’

A mum banned from driving for 12 months is pleading for her licence to be reinstated as her children are refusing to get a taxi to school.

Louise Whelan, serving the ban for driving under the influence of drugs, was given an extended ban for nine driving offences in 2021 after she was caught on CCTV driving without any insurance on March 2, 3, 4, and 9.

Apparently undeterred by her misdemeanors, she was then caught on May 8 driving with a defective tyre, and on September 4 2021 for driving without an MOT or insurance, with a defective tyre and with her vehicle overloaded with passengers.

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She appealed the decision at Liverpool Crown Court on November 24.

The long tally of offences amounted to 33 points on her licence, leaving her banned from driving for 36 months.

In her appeal, she said that her daughters, aged 12 and 10, suffered from dyspraxia, ADHD and sleep disorders, and therefore had to be taken to school by car.

The court heard that a taxi had been provided by her oldest daughter's school, but that she often refused to use it.

Whelan said: "This week (12-year-old) hasn't been going to sleep until 5am and the school taxi picks up at 7.30am and we struggle getting her up in the morning.

"The taxi, she has got to share it with another child and she doesn't like sharing taxis with other children so she's refusing, at the moment, to go to school, which is 12 miles away."

She also said her youngest daughter, who attends a different school, was having to be taken by members of her family.

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She said: "It's very difficult having two of them and not having the car makes it difficult for me to get them to where they need to be, and not being able to take them out."

Callum Ross, representing Whelan said: "The appellant suggests there is hardship which is of an exceptional nature that is being caused to innocent individuals in the form of her two children.

"The court has heard the children, especially (oldest daughter) is struggling and not attending very well at school."

However, Recorder Eric Lamb said: "Exceptional hardship must be just that. A disqualification from driving will inevitably present hardship to any person."

The appeal was subsequently dismissed by the court.


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