Murdered mum’s remains found by fisherman after human leg discovered in water

The grisly remains of a murdered mum were found floating at sea by a fisherman.

A leg belonging to Stephanie Crone-Overholts was the first body part to have been recovered at McKay Bay in Tampa, Florida, USA, on November 11.

Since the fisherman's horrifying discovery, police have found more remains belonging to the 47-year-old mother, who had not even been reported missing.

To help identify the corpse, police posted a photo of a distinct tattoo featuring three hearts with the names Sean, Greg and Zach.

It was Ms Crone-Overholts' eldest son, Sean who spotted the picture online and contacted Tampa Police confirming that he recognised the inking.

The family, who were unaware of her death. were unsurprisingly “devastated” by the news, the Independent reports.

Sean said in a statement: “This has been a living nightmare. It is unimaginable what she went through. My mother will be deeply missed.

“Thank you to friends, family and the police for their support throughout this time. We are anxious for justice to be served, and are extremely grateful to all law enforcement who are working hard to do that for our family and bring us closure.”

Details of the mum's murder are now being investigated by detectives who suspect an abandoned car is connected to the case.

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Ms Crone-Overholts had only recently moved from Pennsylvania to Lutz, Florida where a man told WFLA on Monday that he let her stay with him for a few days.

The pair met at a McDonald’s car park and got chatting but after a few days in his home, Ms Crone-Overholts decided to leave, he claims.

The unnamed man said: “I just invited her to stay because I have three bedrooms and two baths, and she was from Erie, Pennsylvania, and I had worked for the city of Erie one time 40 years ago.

“She didn’t spend much time at the house.

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“She would be gone all night sometimes, but she always acted normal, and she was always real good and meticulous about cleaning the house up for me.

"We talked about Erie and the mall is gone, and yada, yada and that was it and I told her she would have to leave and a day or two later, she left.”

The man said that his home has been searched by police for clues on what happened to her.

He added: “They got a search warrant, and they took my van, and they’re not going to find anything.

“There is no evidence in there. There is evidence that she had been in here probably, but that’s it.”

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