‘Mushroom cloud’ seen over UK town called ‘omen’ days after Ukraine invasion

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A mysterious mushroom-shaped cloud has appeared in the sky in the UK as fears have been growing over an unlikely nuclear war across the world after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Residents in North East Lincolnshire said they spotted the spectre on Thursday (February 24) afternoon, with many linking it to a nuclear cloud or atomic bomb.

Several people took to social media to share their sightings and conspiracy theories in the wake of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Following the full-scale invasion, concerns have heightened over the likeliness of World War Three or nuclear welfare breaking out over Putin's actions.

Joy Bell said she was shocked when she first spotted the "eerie phenomenon" at around 2.15pm, reports Grimbsy Live.

She said: "I was just going to pick my daughter up from school – because I have to go into Cleethorpes to pick her up – but what surprised me was, I just looked in the sky and it looked like an atomic bomb had gone off.

"It was weird. When I first saw it I was thinking, 'What on Earth is that?!'

"The sky was completely blue and all nice and clear, and it's like all the clouds had formed this circle thing.

"It was really big. I showed the picture to my friend and said, 'Have you seen this?' and she said perhaps there was a fire somewhere.

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"And I said it couldn't be a fire because there was no smoke.

"I said, 'It's definitely a cloud', and when I took the photograph and zoomed in, I could see that it was all mist at the bottom and then cloud at the top."

One resident wrote on Facebook: "Looking at it from my kitchen window. Hubby said it looked like a nuclear cloud."

While another commented: "WOW never seen anything like that, magnificent."

One person said the cloud appeared to be an "Anvil cloud" – also known as a Cumulonimbus cloud.

Another person on social media said: "Bloody hell. Anyone else wondering if it's a cloud or a frigging SIGN."

And another said: "I hope that's not an omen."

According to the Met Office, Cumulonimbus clouds are associated with extreme weather such as heavy torrential downpours and hail storms.

The Met Office website reads: "More commonly known as thunderclouds, cumulonimbus is the only cloud type that can produce hail, thunder, and lightning.

"The base of the cloud is often flat, with a very dark wall-like feature hanging underneath, and may only lie a few hundred feet above the Earth's surface."

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