Mystery as Putin’s ‘love-child’ vanishes after posts about mum’s £3.1m penthouse

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The alleged secret love-child of Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly vanished after posting on social media about her mum's £3.1million penthouse in Monaco.

Luiza Krivonogikh is the daughter of 46-year-old Svetlana, who was thought to be formerly the mistress of Putin.

The 18-year-old was officially linked to the properties in the Pandora Papers data leak earlier this year, and she confirmed this by posting photos online to her Instagram stories with the caption “Beautiful!” to her 83,200 Instagram.

But now she's said to have disappeared, having not posted online for more than two months.

The Sun is reporting that sources believe that Putin has “finally” lost patience with her and gagged her after becoming enraged by her posting pictures from her swanky Monte Carlo stronghold.

The Pandora Papers leak – which featured more than 1.9million sensitive documents – showed that Svetlana moved into the Monte Carlo penthouse shortly after Luiza was born, which ramped up the conspiracy theories that she is the daughter of the Russian leader.

At the time, this angered Putin, who demanded that journalists stop “prying into the dirty linen of the elite”.

She used to post under the name luziaroz_ with her account featuring images of a high-class lifestyle – and love of expensive-looking food items, jewellery and clothing.

Her last post went online on October 1, featuring part of her bed, with only her foot showing and an Apple Macbook Pro lying next to her.

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Concerned followers have noticed the lack of posts, with one commenting “You completely abandoned Instagram for some reason …Please come back Luiza”, while another said: “Pa forbade the details of the luxury life to be published?”

None of the trio involved in the possible secret love life have ever commented on it, bar one angry rebuttal from Putin when he snapped at a reporter asking about it.

He hit back: “I have a private life in which I do not permit interference.

“It must be respected.”

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