Nan rages after long-awaited Christmas cards arrive ‘ripped open and £80 light’

A nan has been left raging after Christmas cards her family had been eagerly waiting for turned up damaged and with cash missing.

Michelle rang mum Wendy, 53, in tears and she said that a Christmas parcel, sent from Ireland to Yorkshire, arrived torn open.

It was full of Christmas and birthday cards, but Michelle said the parcel was open and each of the cards had been rummaged through by the time they arrived.

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In total Wendy, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire claimed £80 had gone missing and added that the Royal Mail has now offered £20 in compensation for the alleged loss.

Wendy told YorkshireLive: "I went to pick my granddaughter up to go into town to get the last Christmas presents and my eldest daughter Michelle was upset and she said she had just received the parcel in the post.

“Inside the envelope were cards with Christmas cards in and it had been taped over again.

“Michelle said that every card had been ripped open and they had put it back in the envelope and sealed it up again, with brown tape, it looked disgusting.

“My daughter just could not believe [it], she just opened the envelope as normal, there were quite a lot of cards, and she just couldn’t understand it."

The family were insulted and Michelle was reduced to tears as she went through the parcel and realised what had happened.

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Wendy continued: “She was in tears. It wasn’t even the money, it was the fact that somebody went to this length. We’d have rather that the envelope went missing in transit.

“The fact they put it all back in the envelope and resealed it and sent it on is the insult."

She continued: "It’s not just the money, I am fortunate we don’t need the money but it’s the fact that people out there will be relying on it, I don’t think it is a one-off, I think someone is targeting somebody.

"I am just worried that this is happening to other people, ruthless people cashing in on children, I don’t think we are the only household in this area that have been affected."

In a comment made to the Daily Star, the Royal Mail said: "We are very sorry for the disappointment expressed by these customers. The security of our customers’ mail is among our top priorities, and it is unclear what happened on this occasion.

"We understand that this parcel was sent to the UK from Ireland and so would have been sent with An Post rather than with Royal Mail, and our normal advice would therefore be for the sender to contact An Post rather than Royal Mail about this matter, including any potential request for compensation.

"Despite this, we are seeking to contact the recipients of this parcel in Huddersfield, to discuss their complaint further, as we wish to help our customers if we possibly can.

"Our website advises customers on how to securely send money, at How to post money, jewellery and valuables in the UK (”

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