NASA tracking two asteroids set to speed into Earth’s orbit in space of 24 hours

NASA is keeping an eye on two giant asteroids set to fly into the Earth's orbit within just over 24 hours of each other.

The colossal masses are set to approach the earth on July 29 and 30, NASA has confirmed.

The first, named the 2016 CZ31, measures between 97 and 220 metres – taller than some London skyscrapers.

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The second Titan-sized rock, the 2013 CU83, has a diameter of between 140 and 320m. By comparison, the Shard in London is just shy of 310m tall – meaning this rock could be even bigger than the UK's tallest building.

The two space giants will hurtle towards the earth at 15.6 and 5.9 kilometers per second respectively.

And the enormous rocks are not the only asteroids to enter the Earth's orbit recently.

Another space rock, measuring a whopping 68 to 150m, was reported to be approaching Earth's orbit on Sunday (July 17), after making a treacherous 20-year journey from Jupiter.

It was compared again to a London skyscraper, falling just short of the height of the Gherkin, which stands at a whopping 180m high.

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And multiple smaller asteroids are also set to near the Earth in the coming weeks – with the soonest approaching on Sunday (July 24), just a week after the planet's last close encounter.

It's pretty common for asteroids to approach Earth, and usually they don't pose a threat to life here.

However, a mega-asteroid was said to be coming 'dangerously close' to earth in just 30 years' time, according to reports earlier this month.

The world's most sensitive telescope was used to pick up the faint asteroid making its way towards the planet on 28 August, and while its projected collision date was April 2, 2052, the European Space Agency recently ruled out the possibility of a collision after months of worry that the rock could cause harm to earth.


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