‘Never know who’ll come after’ NATO told to shape up for ‘long game’ with Russia

Ukraine: Nils Schmid talks about Russian aggression

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been waging war on neighbouring Ukraine, whilst other Western states look on and offer support to Ukraine, they have also been preparing their own defence strategies. SPD’s Nils Schmid discussed how Germany was in its own long game with Russia, independently of Russian President Vladimir Putin. There have been fears from global political heads that Russia may not just stop at Ukraine but may continue on its bloody warpath of destruction on other European countries.

Mr Schmid told the BBC: “We have to acknowledge that Russia has become a very aggressive country.

“It has invaded a neighbouring country, and so we better prepare ourselves and strengthen NATO.

“And strengthen our military, you never know who will come after Putin.

“So we better understand that we’re in a long game with Russia independently of Putin.”

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Fears that Russia could strike a NATO country like it nearly did with Poland recently, by firing missiles during an attack on Ukraine meters from their border, is becoming a real threat to the West.

If Putin starts a war with a NATO country there are concerns it will turn into a world war, as NATO is a defence alliance that defends any member country from enemy attack.

There have also been calls for one of Putin’s close aides to assassinate him.

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TV Presenter Simon Thomas also expressed concerns about the impact a change of leadership in Russia would ultimately have.

Speaking to Jeremy Vine on Five, he said: “The question is what comes next if that happens if Putin is taken out by one of the generals or the people around him, what comes next?

“Because my fear is is a very real danger if we do this, you know, that phrase, you know, you cut off the head of the snake and you kill the snake. But what comes next?

“What comes next? Is this sparking even bigger war? Is it turn Putin into a martyr to style figure in Russia that will therefore only up his support?

“I mean, it’s really difficult at the moment working out what’s going on in terms of opinion this is like the information war as well.”

Putin has warned that any interference with his attack on Ukraine, could lead to him deploying nuclear weapons on whichever country involved.

Historian Yaroslav Hrytsak stated: “Attacks in western Ukraine are dangerous because it could affect Poland. This could turn the conflict into an international conflict.”

Mr Hrytsak warned that: “At one time it looked like Putin wasn’t going to touch this region, he believed that western territory is too toxic, too anti-Russian. He wanted this region to go to the devil.

“Now this has changed. Now Putin wants all Ukraine.”

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