North Korea unmasked: Bizarre ways former leader was ‘kept alive’ exposed

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North Korea has remained a highly secretive state since its conception in the Forties and to this day little is known about the nation or the lives of those inside. The only information to emerge from the notorious ‘hermit state’ comes from heavily censored news releases, satellite images and accounts from defectors. The current leader Kim Jong-un has continued to maintain this extreme level of privacy and isolation from the rest of the world. This was highlighted recently by beliefs that the dictator had died during a “botched” heart operation earlier this month. After more than a week of the rumours being published internationally and officials appearing to back the claims, the leader reemerged at a ceremony for a fertiliser factory. During the Kim family’s rule over North Korea, many bizarre measures have been enforced to preserve their dynasty. Unearthed accounts reveal the unusual way the rogue state tried to keep Kim Il-sung, the current leader’s grandfather, from dying.

Chris Mikul’s 2019 book ‘My Favourite Dictators’ detailed the brutal acts carried out under the unorthodox beliefs – all in a bid to keep Kim Il-Sung happy and alive after he founded North Korea in 1948.

One of them was the establishment of the ‘Joy Brigade’ after the Korean War, where a special unit was deployed to find ‘attractive’ girls to allegedly become entertainers and sex slaves.

Mr Mikul explained that it was the government’s task to “scour schools across the country” to find girls who would appease their leader’s tastes. 

He wrote about these requirements, stating: “They had to be pretty, no more than 5 feet 4 inches tall and have soft voices and no scars.

“From the age of 13 they were given two years of extensive training in singing, dancing and satisfying the sexual preferences of the Great Leader, and later his son.”

They were then distributed among “numerous villas” across the nation and allegedly “played an important part in the regime’s efforts to prolong Kim Il-sung’s life”.

Mr Mikul claimed this was in accordance with “the Chinese belief that a man could live longer by sleeping with young girls”. 

He noted: “Easily the strangest task they are said to have performed was the so-called ‘human bed,’ which involved a number of girls lying with their legs interlocked in a certain way, allowing the Great Leader to sleep on them.”

In addition to this, the ‘Kim Il-sung Institute of Health and Longevity’ was set-up to keep the leader alive.

Mr Mikul added: “One of its recommendations was that he regularly eat dog penises at least 2.8 inches (seven centimetres) long.”

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Despite “their best efforts” and “a steady stream of young women and dog penises”, Kim Il-sung suffered a heart attack and died in 1994.

It was claimed that it happened while in the “middle of a heat argument” with his son, Kim Jong-il, about how the nation’s wealth was being spent. 

He allegedly urged his son to divert funds from the military and instead invest it in “food and consumer goods” for its citizens after growing unrest from worsening food shortages. 

Kim Il-sung was the founder of North Korea and was established as the ruler of the nation in 1948 – which spurred-on a dynasty that has lasted to this very day.

Since then, the country’s citizens have struggled to survive on food rations following extreme famine while their leaders have lived opulent and often decadent lifestyles.

This wealth disparity has been worsened by their leaders splurging millions on luxury items including exquisite champagne, cheese, and cuisine from all over the world while many in their nation starve. 

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