Norway hunting for bright meteor that shot through sky but caused no damage

A meteor lit up the sky in Norway and was seen by hundreds of people in an awesome spectacle of light which illuminated the dark night.

The phenomena which sees rocks hurtling to the Earth from space happened at around 1am on Saturday and was visible over the country's capital, Oslo.

It is believed that the rock weighed at least 10kg and was travelling at a speed between 10 and 12 miles an hour according to the Norwegian Meteor Network (NMN).

The light appears to have been visible for around five seconds over several hundred square miles, including the Swedish city Gothenberg, reports The Times.

There has been a scramble to see if any remaining parts of the meteor can be found.

Morten Bilet, from the NMN spoke to Norwegian newspaper VG, he said: "My wife and I heard a rumbling noise and saw two powerful flashes of light.

"Its definitely a large meteor that has come over eastern Norway, this is a big deal."

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Locating the landing point of the meteor can be difficult and depending on what it was made of influences what may be found at the crash site.

With an object this size it's nearly impossible to get an over view of absolutely everything," said Morten Bilet.

"It would have been easier if it was a steeper course. We don't know yet whether it was a rock or an iron meteorite.

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"From experience it is more likely to be a rock, but we can't draw conclusions yet."

According to the BBC a team of experts have been sent to the area where it is believed the meteor struck.

Initial thoughts suggest the rock may have landed in a wooded area called Finnemarka, about 60km (40 miles) west of Oslo.

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