Notorious gangster gunned down in courtroom by hitmen ‘disguised as lawyers’

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An infamous Indian gangster has been shot dead after two hitmen disguised as lawyers opened fire in a courtroom.

Jitender Maan, 30, also known by his nickname Gogi, was gunned down in a hearing that he was attending on Friday in connection with a murder case.

It comes after he was arrested last year on charges of murder, attempted murder, extortion, possession of illegal arms, carjacking and land grabbing.

It has been reported that the disguised hitmen were waiting inside the courtroom when Gogi was brought in for questioning on Friday, September 24.

The hitmen "whipped out pistols and opened fire" just minutes after he entered the court, a senior police officer told The Indian Express.

It has been reported that the gangster, who was Delhi's most-wanted mobster, was shot up to six times and rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Officials said that armed police at the scene shot dead the two killers after they suddenly opened fire in the courtroom.

According to authorities the killers, whose names are yet to be released, were members of a rival local gang.

Ill-famed Gogi wasn't always known for his life of crime and in his earlier years, was on the path for a successful career in property before his father's death in 2010.

Gogi attended Delhi University where he was described as a 'bright and promising' student but later dropped out of school following his father's death, according to the Times of India.

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He was first arrested for shooting at a man named 'Praveen' in 2010 but the reason for the confrontation remains unknown.

Later on that year he was involved in another attempted shooting which was sparked over elections at Delhi University.

His friend, who was running for a post in the student government, was beaten up by a man named Sunil Tajpuria and his friends.

The beating sparked Gogi to carry out revenge, which saw him beat Tajpuria and fire a gun at his group which led to a decade-long gang rivalry.

Gogi was arrested for the attack in 2011, and has dedicated himself to criminal activities ever since and formed the Jitender Gogi gang which became known for extortion and land-grabbing around Delhi.

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But during this time his rival Tajpuria formed the Tillu gang which saw the pair go to war – with their feud being linked to at least 10 deaths in the last 10 years.

After years of causing destruction on the streets of Dehli, Gogi was arrested in 2016 but managed to escape police custody while on the way to court.

He became highly wanted and somehow remained at large for years despite cops putting a 400,000 rupee (£4,000) reward on Gogi's head.

In 2017, the gangster was later accused of killing folk singer Harshita Dahiya, who was a witness in a murder case against a member of his gang.

The year next, Gogi hit headlines again after he was accused of getting into a firefight with the Tillu gang on a Delhi street -which left three people, including an innocent passerby dead.

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After years of alleged killings, the mobster was found hiding in a safe house in Gurugram on the outskirts of Delhi in 2020.

Gogi, alongside lieutenants – Kuldeep Fazza and Rohit Moi, were arrested as police swept the property and discovered weapons and a large amount of ammo.

But Fazza managed to escape from custody but was shot during a confrontation in March this year, reports Daily Mail.

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It was reported that police rushed him to hospital but were ambushed on the way and had no choice but to leave him which meant he died.

Since then Gogi has had to be assisted with enhanced security and more recently Counter Intelligence forces, which still wasn't enough to stop his killing at the courtroom today.

lawyer Satyanarayan Sharma, who was at the court as part of a different case, criticised a security lapse and demanded a thorough investigation.

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