OnlyFans mum ‘borrowing money to feed kids after Barclays claimed she owed £1m’

A desperate mum has been forced to work overtime on her OnlyFans content after her bank account allegedly emptied to the tune of £1million.

Chantelle Howarth, 26, claims she saw two lots of £500,000 vanish into thin air – one time while she was at the bank sorting out the first one.

“It was scary,” she told the Sun.

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Now she’s having to borrow money from her loved ones to try and pay her bills and is working overtime on her online business and OnlyFans account to try and bring in more custom.

From South Yorkshire, she claims she’s never had an overdraft in her life and the “shocking” experience has already led to some of her bills bouncing.

According to the mum, there is no transaction for the money going out of her account.

She was forced to wait for three days while the Christmas bank holidays played out to try and sort out the initial £500,000, but when she went to her local branch, she claims staff were “withholding information.”

While she was in the branch, she allegedly lost the second £500,000 chunk of cash, but the staff at the bank, she claims, were not very helpful.

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"A manager came in and was really stern and said ‘we can’t give you any information.

"It felt like she was withholding information from me and was not sympathetic at all.”

She says she, her boyfriend Matthew Siraki, 38 and their son, eight, are now having to live off any money they can find to pay their bills.

They’s had to use the £60 in Matthew’s account and have had to borrow £200 from friends.

Chantelle, who says she makes around £6,000 per month on OnlyFans, added: “They have given me nothing to do – we are going to have a rely on family. My VAT next month is due and it’s £6,000."

She’s now in overdrive, trying to grow her online business and drive people towards her racier OnlyFans page.

"I don’t know if I’m going to get this money back so I was on live on TikTok. I thought I was going to have to get more people in.”

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