OnlyFans star Astrid Wett makes boxing return after bailing on Elle Brooke bout

OnlyFans model Astrid Wett has announced she is getting back in the ring after pulling out of her much anticipated boxing clash with Elle Brooke.

As football fans of Premier League rivals Chelsea and Manchester City respectively, Astrid Wett and Elle Brooke planned to bump up their racy content income by clashing in the ring.

The bout never happened, however, and Wett slammed the KingPyn boxing event as a "freakshow" and cited concerns for her safety after Elle repeatedly made threats to "kill" her in the ring.

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A pumped-up Brooke had told Astrid "you're going to bleed from every orifice on your face" before she ended up beating Love Island star AJ Bunker in July.

Now Wett has confirmed she is putting that missed opportunity behind her to join a host of social media personalities going toe-to-toe at Sheffield's Utilita Arena in the MF & Dazn: X Series 002 on October 15.

This time her opponent is TikTok sensation and Simple Simon's daughter, Keeley Colbran who she shared a football pitch with at the beginning of this year.

Astrid said: "It's happening guys… after having to pull out of a rubbish boxing card back in May, I'm so privileged to be fighting with one of the best boxing companies in the world. So I can't wait to see all of you there and Keeley, I'm coming for ya."

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Her opponent Keeley has had her own take on the announcement with a couple of digs thrown in too.

Keeley said on social media: "So the beg of TikTok has finally decided to make her boxing debut.

"So you've given me barely anytime to train and to find a boxing camp, bearing in mind I literally cannot remember the last time I did any exercise."

She continued: "I've never stepped in a ring before, I mean the only thing I've ever done is them pad works with my dad and that is literally it so I'm not going to sit here and say I'm going to win but I am very excited to be able to punch you.

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"Anyway let's just hope that you don't back out of this one too."

The last time that the Chelsea-mad porn star was gearing up for a fight, a coffin containing a blow-up doll of Astrid was brought out in a bizarre press conference which saw the pair come to blows and.

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Astrid, Keeley and her dad Simon have all appeared in videos together in the past.

On September 7, Astrid posted a TikTok accusing Keeley of "piping up for far too long" and invited her to "put your money where your mouth is" and agree to a boxing fight.

"Stop ducking my manager's texts like you have been for weeks – let's give the people what they want to see," she said.


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