Organ donor numbers reached an all-time high in 2019, Transplant Quebec reports

Transplant Quebec broke records for organ donations in 2019 and the non-profit organization hopes to see the record broken again in 2020.

This is the first time in history the province’s organ donation number exceeds the number of people on waiting lists. Ten years ago, Transplant Quebec tested only 388 potential donors. However, that number has increased yearly, reaching 820 in 2019.

“In 2019 we received referrals from all regions of Quebec, which is very encouraging for the future of organ donation,” said Louis Beaulieu, chief executive officer of Transplant Quebec.

“We also believe that adding specialized physicians in coordinating organ donation and transplantation across the territory will make it possible to notify more donors, but also give more people the transplant they need,”

Out of the 820 referrals made in 2019, 29 per cent were accepted and three out of four resulted in organ donations. Seventy people were saved by receiving lung transplants — the highest number the province has ever seen.

“From 820 referrals there were 179 real donors at the end, effective donors that gave the possibility to 535 people to be transplanted,” said Beaulieu.

Transplant Quebec says living donors contributed 45 organs to help Quebecers. But 92 per cent of the 535 transplants came from deceased donors.

Transplant Quebec says it will continue looking for new ways to encourage Quebecers to donate organs so that everyone in need of a transplant can receive one.

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