Otago couple ‘stoked’ with $1000 Lotto win shocked to find it’s actually a million

An Otago couple who cracked open a bottle of wine to celebrate winning $1000 were shocked to hear they had become millionaires after misplacing a decimal point.

The couple won the Lotto first division prize of $1,000,000 drawn on March 9.

One of the couple, who chose to remain anonymous, said they had family over when they checked their ticket and misread the number, believing it to be a $1000 prize.

“Everyone was thrilled, and we promptly celebrated with a bottle of wine.”

When she was phoned by Lotto to discuss the prize, she opened her app to double-check the ticket.

“There were definitely a few more zeros looking back at me.

“I was so overcome with emotion in that moment, I burst into tears.”

Her husband said he was left in “utter shock and disbelief” when she broke the news to him.

“Neither of us can believe she missed the commas and completely misread where the decimal was.

“We spent the whole weekend stoked we had won $1000, so to discover it’s actually $1 million … well, it feels like the best bonus ever.”

After a life of working hard, the first thing her husband wanted to buy was a new pair of work boots, the woman said.

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