Parents enraged by teacher’s homework telling kids to confront ‘white privilege’

Parents have been enraged after a US teacher gave their kids homework telling them to confront 'white privilege'.

The worksheet, provided by an English teacher in Southington High School in Connecticut, on the first day of school, addressed political, gender, and racial issues, and has been described as "divisive".

Terms on the controversial worksheet included 'white privilege', 'indigenous peoples', 'transgender', 'institutional racism', gender pronouns, the term 'Latinx', as well as other controversial issues.

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The worksheet has been described as showing how those terms can be used in writing and includes definitions and proper ways to include a lot of those terms in their writing.

However parents of students at the school, like Southington resident Jenny Cinquemani, called the lesson “divisive” at a recent school board meeting.

“To be honest, I’m not even angry,” Cinquemani said, according to

“I am sure that the teacher who put this together did not mean to be hurtful.

"But it is divisive.”

Resident Michael Kryzanski said the school should have better, more academic-focused priorities.

“I’m paying taxes, so my kids can learn how to read, write and communicate properly,” he said.

“I’m not paying taxes for them to learn stuff in this document.”

At least one school board member likewise sounded off on the worksheet.

“It’s troubling to me,” Joseph Baczewski, Board Vice Chairperson, said.

“I read the worksheet.

"Do I agree with it?

"Absolutely not.”

“To hear about the white privilege thing again?” Baczewski added.

“I’m tired of it. For this to be the talk? Out of all the cr*p that’s going on and this is it?. It’s frustrating as hell.”

The school board is reportedly investigating the incident.

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