Pensioner caught using ‘sexy’ mannequin to drive DIY scooter in odd stunt

A pensioner has left people stunned when he was seen using a mannequin to drive a DIY scooter in a busy road.

The man, from Tangshan in Hebei province of north China, was filmed sitting at the back of a modified wheelchair while a "female driver" appeared to be pedalling at the front.

As the cameraman turned his head to see the "driver", he realised it's a mechanical doll dressing up as a young woman.

The eerie scene saw the mannequin in a green tracksuit taking the wheel while cruising in the street between the busy traffic.

The pensioner was not seen wearing any safety belts or harness as he sat comfortably in the chair to enjoy the ride.

Many viewers said they got the shock of their lives after watching the video.

One said: "Can you imagine seeing this 'sexy lady' at night? I'm afraid I will suffer a heart attack for this."

A second wrote: "This is the most bizarre and creepy thing I've ever seen in my life, the mannequin reminds me of the servant dolls seen in funerals. Definitely not a sign of good luck."

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But some were impressed by the man's creation, with a viewer commenting: "Got to say this is quite a cool invention, he modified the wheelchair and turned it into a scooter."

"That looks cool but I wouldn't be trying it, looks dangerous!" another warned.

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