Pet owner sparks fierce debate after putting tattoo stickers on hairless cat

A pet owner has sparked a wild debate online after she turned her hairless cat into a "bada**" by giving it a tattoo sticker on its back.

The TikToker shared a video on Wednesday to show how she put on the floral stickers onto her Sphynx cat.

The temporary stickers are pressed onto the feline's hairless skin all the way from the back down to the right front leg.

As she holds her pet still in front of her, she grabs a small rose tattoo sticker, peels off the clear film and puts it onto the mooch's leg.

The video has sparked a discussion among pet lovers in the comments wondering it is safe for the animal.

One said: "So this is cool as hell. My biggest concern is them cleaning themselves and licking some of it off and ingesting it. Is that a problem?

A second wrote: "This feels illegal. But the cat does look kind of bada**."

A third asked: "Is animal abuse somehow on trend now?"

Others who were more convinced that the tattoo stickers are animal-safe said they are not "tempted to get a Sphynx cat".

"I've never wanted a hairless cat more than I do now," a viewer commented.

Vets and animal organisations do not recommend tattooing a pet, even for identification, let alone for aesthetic reasons.

Tattoo inks contain pigment particles that remain permanently in the skin to make up the desired colouring.

Over time, the pigments partly escape via the lymph and become deposited in the lymph nodes along with a slow release of minute amounts of chemicals that may cause harm, such as allergy.

The pigments from lymph can reach the bloodstream and cause harm somewhere else in the body.

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