‘Polar vortex’ may bring snowstorm to Brits as November suffers ‘deep freeze’

A bitter chill could sweep across the UK as an Atlantic weather shift blasts over Britain, according to reports.

The 'polar vortex' over the ocean may collapse and can either bring hotter or icy temperatures, reports The Sun.

Unsettled conditions are expected to hit with brutal weather towards the end of this month, with some areas potentially seeing snow for the first time this winter.

After October 20, the windy and wet conditions will remain in the north and northwest parts of the UK, as the east and south areas enjoy more settled weather.

Dry spells will last until the final days of October, but the icy plunge could bring on a rare White Halloween, it's believed.

The Met Office forecasts a colder period by early November.

It had previously been warned temperatures in some areas, such as on the higher grounds in Scotland, may see blankets of snow as temperatures plunge by 10C within the next few weeks.

Former BBC weatherman and meteorologist for Weathertrending John Hammond told The Sun: “There are signs of the stratosphere experiencing unusual warming in the next few days, causing the polar vortex above the Arctic Circle to become less strong than normal later in October.

“These high-altitude winds normally intensify as we head towards winter. So an unusual weakening of the polar vortex may well have impacts on our weather later through autumn and into early winter.

“'Sudden stratospheric warming' events can sometimes lead the polar vortex to go into reverse, which can have dramatic impacts on winter weather and increase the chances of severe cold."

Mr Hammond went on to explain that there are no indications that a reversal is yet to occur.

But he added the last occasion lowland southern Britain saw significant snowfall as early as October was more than a decade ago, in 2008.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna added that the polar vortex weakening could “have implications for our weather going into the winter”.

It's also believed snow may fall over half term, which runs from Friday, October 22 to Monday, November 1.

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Scotland's rural areas are likely to see a chance of frost, with mercury plummeting into minus figures from next week as a high-pressure system moves in from the west.

There will be a north and south divide, with southern parts experiencing largely fine and dry conditions over the next few days.

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