Practising ‘witch’ makes kids cry with Halloween displays as cops visit scene

A practising "witch" who uses handmade decorations to create frightful Halloween displays says they are so scary that they make children cry.

Becky Louise, 35, from Cheshire, transforms her front garden using blood-drenched hands, fake bodies in bags and heads popping out of jars.

The Halloween "obsessed" mum says they are so compelling that cops have even joked about launching a murder probe at her home in Warrington.

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Her fascination for the holiday began when she was a little girl and she has been devoted to spooking the community ever since.

The artist and carer admitted that she feels “depressed” when she puts her decorations away each year, reports Cheshire Live.

She said: “I’ve always been into Halloween since being a little girl, I’ve just been obsessed with it.

“I don’t just follow paganism, it’s witchcraft, in general, I am interested in. It’s more like intentions and nothing like cursing people and what everyone seems to think.

“Last year, I did feel really, really bad because I did make a couple of kids cry with the display because they were a bit scared of it.

“But I just love doing it for the community, for the children. That’s my inspiration for keeping doing it, just to see them all smiling and happy when it comes to Halloween.

She added: “One of my neighbours thinks I’m barmy, but that’s the reason why she loves it. I get loads of compliments off people walking past.”

Becky creates her incredible display in the front garden of her three-bedroom terraced property in Warrington every October.

And she feels her current showcase is her best to date, which has a variety of gruesome sculptures and props that she mostly designed herself.

Becky said: “The skeleton that’s hanging just past the gate, that was bought, and then I’ve got shrink wrap and covered it, and then you use a hair drier and kind of shrink it.

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“And then I covered it with varnish to make it look like flesh coming off it.

“I’ve made signs with old pallet wood. I’ve broken them in half and nailed them together, saying “Don’t look behind you” or “Beware of the witches.”

"Then I’ve got the dead bodies made from all the old clothes that I got rid of."

She added: “I like to make my own decorations and feel accomplished when I’ve made something that looks pretty cool. I reckon overall, it’s maybe cost me about £100.”

Becky said she loves seeing houses decked out with Halloween decorations, but she also celebrates a pagan version of the festival as part of her beliefs.

She said: “I've always been a fan of Halloween, but I celebrate Samhain, which is a pagan festival.

“My mum used to be a white witch, which is like a Wicca. It’s probably where it all stems from.

“You can’t be devout about it until you’re 16. So since I became of age, I’ve started looking into things, and now I’ve got my own place, I’m able to practice more.”

Becky says most of the people in her community love her display, but it has also attracted the eye of the police on occasion.

She said: “We had the police knocking on the door the other day looking for somebody.

“They said jokingly, “We’d like to talk about this murder scene – these dead bodies, what’s happened?”

She added: “But there are a couple of young kids in the street, and they just say “Oh cool! Wicked! Love it!”

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