Pregnant woman falls pregnant again in million-to-one medical miracle

A mum who was already pregnant became pregnant again as she gave birth to two baby boys within a few minutes in a rare medical miracle.

Cara Winhold, 30, from Texas, and her husband Blake had been having some trouble conceiving but in February last year the couple found out that they were expecting the patter of tiny feet.

But a month later Cara fell pregnant again. The twins were the result of superfetation, a rare phenomenon in which a second pregnancy begins a few days or weeks after an initial pregnancy

In February last year, Cara became pregnant. A month later, she was pregnant again.

Because Cara had a history of miscarriages her doctor recommended a followup scan a fortnight after the first one.

It was after the second scan that she discovered her miracle baby.

"On the very first scan, there was a sac with one baby and then when I went back there was a really tiny little sac in the corner that had another baby in it," Cara said.

"You could see baby A was more developed, whereas the other one was like a tiny dot."

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She added: “I said to the doctor, 'What happened? He wasn't there the first time. What's going on?'

“The doctor said that most likely I ovulated twice, released two eggs and they got fertilised at different times, about a week apart. I 100% believe it was a miracle just because of everything that happened in my pregnancy journey,” Cara said.

Cara says that while she was “was overwhelmed, confused, but very happy,” but Blake was “in shock”.

In most pregnancies, the body secretes a hormone that prevents ovulation, ruling out any further pregnancies until the nine months is up.

As a second barrier to a double pregnancy a mucus plug is created in the cervix to block any sperm from entering the uterus.

But in some rare cases – roughly 0.3% of pregnancies – these countermeasures fail and a new baby is conceived.

Cara, 30, Blake, 33, welcomed their million-to-one sons Colson and Cayden in October last year.

“I know it's different for everybody, but I never expected to be a twin mom or have all boys. But I'm blessed with a house of boys,” says Cara.

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