Prince Andrew had ‘revolving door of women’ and called cop ‘a lardy-a*** c**t’

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A police officer who was part of Prince Andrew’s personal protection team says that he and his colleagues at Buckingham Palace were “shocked” at the number of women who visited the prince’s private rooms.

At one point, former royal protection officer Paul Page said, the prince launched a shocking four-letter tirade at Buckingham Palace for being too slow to allow one of female friends through security.

A new documentary claims that after he separated from his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, Andrew really lived up to the “Randy Andy”.

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Prince Andrew: Banished, which streams on US cable network Peacock from today (October 5), explores the various controversies and scandals surrounding the Queen’s favourite son.

While being interviewed for the show, Paul Page said: “We used to have a joke that he should have a revolving door in his bedroom.

“The amount of women going in and out of there, it was just literally every other day someone would be coming in to see him … a different one every time.”

Paul, who worked as a royal protection officer from 1998 to 2004, related one anecdote from his time at the palace.

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He claims that, on one occasion, an unknown woman arrived at Buckingham Palace demanding to see Andrew.

Security staff told her that they couldn’t let her in until they had confirmation from Andrew’s staff, so the visitor called the royal directly on her mobile phone.

“We could hear the conversation,” Page told the documentary team. “Anyway, he said, ‘Put one of the officers on.’ One of my colleagues took the phone”.

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At that point, claims Paul, Prince Andrew stormed: “You listen to me, you fat, lardy-a*** c***. If you don’t let my guest in, I’m going to come down there”.

Paul goes on to say that after the heated exchange the red-faced visitor then went up to the prince’s chambers.

“You would think a member of the royal family would have some kind of decorum and respect for the staff that are there and paid to protect them and look after them,” he said.

But when it comes to Andrew “there’s just none, none at all. He’s just a horrible person. He’s a bully.”

Paul has made a number of claims about his time working for the Royal Family. in 2009, he was jailed for six years following a £3 million property scam.

The documentary-makers spoke to a number of royal experts to help form a portrait of the Duke of York. Royal expert Phil Dampier said that the prince has “never smoked or taken drugs or drunk alcohol but his one big thing is sex.”

Journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor added “the talk of the dinner parties was he couldn’t keep his trousers closed”.

The Daily Star has requested a comment from representatives from Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace.

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