Prince Harry ‘scans room for family’ as Queen’s funeral ‘reminds him of Diana’s’

Prince Harry sadly scanned the room during his grandmother's funeral while "remembering the funeral of his mother" Princess Diana, a body language expert has said.

Harry's grandmother was given a beautiful send-off in Westminster Abbey, London, before she was taken to be laid to rest in Windsor today, September 19.

And in 1997, after Diana's death in August that year, his mother's funeral became one of the biggest televised events in history, with estimates suggesting that around 2.5 billion people watched the the ceremony on TV worldwide.

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And Adrianne Carter, a body language expert, has said that the prince, who was then 12 years old, could have had flashbacks to that day.

She told the Daily Star: "Harry is scanning around the family, maybe he’s thinking about this way of life that’s no longer the norm for him.

"There’s no doubt he feels sad on this occasion and he could be remembering his mother's funeral too."

Ms Carter also told The Star that Harry's wife was otherwise engaged, and faking tears.

As was the case with several of the royals, including Prince Andrew, Meghan Markle was photographed wiping a tear from her cheek.

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Ms Carter, of The Face Whisperer, was critical of the former actress, questioning whether the damp cheek was brought on by crocodile tears, saying: "It’s hard to tell if the tears are genuine sadness but Meghan certainly knows that tears would be spotted and photographed.

"We don’t see much muscle movement in Meghan's face in the photo which would be activated with genuine emotional expressions."

However, the expert reasoned: "She could also be keeping herself tightly in check emotionally."

Wearing a black hat with a vale and a black dress, Meghan struggled to stay composed as she began to openly cry at the sombre moment – the last time Her Majesty The Queen will ever be in the capital of the UK again.


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