Prince Harry to release bombshell memoir the day after Kate Middleton’s birthday

The release date for Prince Harry's new controversial autobiography has been announced – and it will hit the shelves the day after Kate Middleton's birthday.

Yesterday (Wednesday, October 26) it was declared that the Duke of Sussex's memoir will come out on January 10, 2023.

The long-awaited book as apparently been given a bit of a re-write after the Queen's death in September delayed the Duke's book hitting shelves.

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It is also expected to feature a 'watering down' of controversial topics, with the Prince himself being the one who fought for some stories to be edited following his grandmother's death, according to reports.

Everything was set for Harry's first book to be released in autumn 2022 but as the world reacted to losing Elizabeth II, so too did his publishers.

Despite millions being pumped into the memoir, Penguin Random House have reportedly agreed to delay sales until January 10 – just one day after his sister-in-law Kate Middleton's 43rd birthday.

The book is likely to contain explosive stories about the Royal Family – including his brother Prince William and wife the Princess of Wales.

And it is probably the last thing the latter wants to be getting as a birthday present.

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Matt Latimer, co-founder of the Javelin agency, has called into question the Prince's incentive behind sharing his memoirs with the world which will give an unprecedented insight into the Royal Family.

The literary agent asks: “Is his goal to enhance his celebrity with a certain sector of the public, or is it to repair the rift with his family?

“Those are competing goals to some extent, and it’s hard to do both.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Prince William and Kate Middleton's team for a comment.

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