Prince William ‘booed’ for being ‘symbol of the establishment’, says expert

Prince William's status as a "symbol of the establishment" has led to his booing at two sporting events, according to a royal commentator.

The Duke of Cambridge was controversially booed at the 2021/22 FA Cup Final last season between Liverpool and Chelsea, with the British national anthem also subject to boos from the Merseyside section of the crowd.

After attending the UEFA Women's Euro Finals where England came out victors in a 2-1 win over Germany, William was reportedly booed by customers in a pub in Sheffield when he appeared on the screen.

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These incidents have led chief royal correspondent Jack Royston and royal commentator Kristen Meinzer of the Newsweek's The Royal Report podcast discuss whether similar incidents of backlash could affect The Firm in future, especially William.

Royston said: "A pub in Sheffield booed [William] when he came on screen," he explained. "I was messaging with one of the people who was in the pub at the time who said basically it was an anti-establishment feeling and that Prince William basically is seen as a symbol of the establishment."

Royston discussed how serious this problem could become for William after experiencing negative perceptions in two high-profile sporting events and suggested the ongoing cost of living crisis in this country could provide a source of frustration for those witnessing the privilege the Royal Family possesses.

"So this is the second time in several months that this has happened to William," Royston told Meinzer, "posing a question for William: how seriously does he have to take this? Is this going to be a big recurring problem for him or can he just shrug it off?"

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"The particular fan that I spoke to said 'we're going through a cost of living crisis, people are struggling to pay their bills'…and they kind of saw William as a privileged aristocrat who doesn't have the problems that they have."

Royston suggested that young people are at the helm of this apparent perception change of the establishment, owing to the number of young people in the pub that booed William.

Meinzer had one proposal that could William steer the situation into a better direction and that would simply be to avoid the cameras when the monarchy isn't the main source of attention.

"Just know when you should be the centre of attention and when you shouldn't be the centre of attention," she told Royston.


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