Psycho seagull ‘picks’ on man and holds him hostage in his own home

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A fishing expert has been left soaked in blood by a “stalker” seagull that’s holding him hostage.

Martyn Green, 62, said he has been made a prisoner in his own home by a psycho male bird.

But the winged menace singles out poor Martyn – leaving his wife Julie alone.

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He said: “Every time I go out, this seagull comes down and has a go at me.

“The other day he came down and swooped up behind me and stabbed me in the top of the head. I was left with blood trickling down the back of my head.

“It was really painful. And for four or five days I had a raging infection which might have been from the seagull.”

Martyn, who trains angling coaches, added the male is just one of a mob of gulls nesting in his chimney.

He added: “It seems to pick on me, not my wife – he has got it in for me.”

James Reseigh of LiveWest Housing Association, which lets the home in Totnes, Devon, said: “We will appoint a licensed contractor to look into the most appropriate, preventative measures for this particular home.”

Cllr Jonathan Hawkins, from South Hams District Council, said the gull-proofing would be added “once the current nest of gulls have gone.”

A greedy seagull suspected of nicking food worth £300 from Tesco has been caught bang to rights on camera.

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The brazen bird is thought to have got away with at least 17kg of food in a year – although its total haul could be even higher than that.

Its latest raid on the Tesco Extra store in Paignton, Devon, was caught on film as it trotted off with a bag of Mini Cheddars.

It was seen lurking outside the shop before sneaking in via the automatic doors, and then re-emerging with the pack in its beak.


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