Pub crawl sampling UK’s best takeaways would take over 4 days to complete

Foodies can now go on a 'pub crawl' of the UK's best takeaways which takes 4 days and 59 minutes to complete, costs £677 and would mean consuming 50,800 calories.

The route, which stops at 60 of the country’s top-rated pizza, fish and chips, Chinese and Indian, and dessert takeouts, has been mapped out for takeaway lovers on a non-stop route.

Starting near Exeter, the drive covers 1,573 miles and stretches all the way to the Northern Ireland.

The best take-outs were chosen based on the British takeaway finalists and winners in 2018 and 2019, and then whittled down using their Just Eat, Google and TripAdvisor reviews.

Research by Parkdean Resorts says although the crawl isn’t advised for health reasons, the tour is possible and travels through six cities including Leeds, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Leicester and Bristol.

Yorkshire is a hot spot for the best takeaway food, as the best two takeaways are both found there, Hirds Family Fisheries in Halifax came out top and is followed by The Sweetie People in Bradford.

Ranked third best on the list is a £13.10 chicken tikka masala at Himalayan Kitchen in Crystal Palace, south east London – a dish which is also the most expensive takeaway item on the tour.

The cheapest and most waistline-friendly dish is a Nutella crepe coming in at 330kcal, which is £3.00 at Yummies Sweets in Northern Ireland.

As part of the trail, Parkdean Resorts also conducted a national survey to look at the UK's favourite takeouts, with Chinese winning 30% of the vote in a landslide victory.

Chinese was closely followed by Indian takeaways with 20% of the vote, and a traditional British fish and chip dinner, which won 13% of the vote.

Parkdean Resorts says that while the cost of sampling each delicacy at the stop-offs along the route will be £512.24, another £164.43 should be budgeted for travel – bringing the total cost to £676.67, not including ferry or accommodation costs.

You can find the full trail here:

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