Putin crisis as major Russian oil field erupts in FLAMES – fears of Gazprom sabotage plot

Russia: Huge blaze spotted in country’s largest gas fieldTelegram

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The Urengoyskoye gas field, located in the Yamalo-Nenets region of Siberia, burst into flames at around 2.30am this morning. The field, operated by Gazprom, is the largest in Russia, primarily supplying gas to Europe. This is the latest fire in a series of similar blazes at key pieces of Russian infrastructure, leading to suspicions of sabotage.

Two fires broke out in April at the Transneft-Druzhba Oil Depot, in the city of Bryansk.

While Ukraine has yet to comment on the fires, it was thought to have been a result of Ukrainian missile strikes.

There are also suspicions the fires could been caused by acts of sabotage from Russians who oppose the war.

More than 12 military enlistment offices have been targeted with Molotov Cocktails since the start of the war, on Febraury 24 2022.

The latest fire has also led to fears of gas supply shortages, as the field primarily supplies Europe via the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

This could cause further supply disruptions and price rises, amid Europe’s continuing energy crisis.

Another fire struck the region in August last year, causing a sizable drop in production and considerable price rises.

However, the effect of this fire is likely to have been bigger as it took place at a processing facility which sends vast amounts of natural gas to Europe.

A spokesperson for Gazprom confirmed that no one was injured in the fire, which has since been extinguished.

They said: “The fire occurred at 2:30 am on June 16.

“There were no casualties.”

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The spokesperson added: “At 4 am the fire was extinguished.”

The latest issue for Putin comes as the Russian armed forces continue to take heavy losses in the war against Ukraine.

Since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 2022, at least 25,100 Russian soldiers have been killed, according to Ukrainian estimates.

The UK Ministry of Defence’s more conservative estimate puts Russian casualties at around 15,000 – the same number of soldiers that were killed in the Afghanistan war, which lasted for nine years.

Ukrainian forces have also claimed to have destroyed 199 Russian aircraft, 155 helicopters, 341 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,122 tanks, 2,713 armoured vehicles, and 509 artillery systems.

However, Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops are also taking heavy losses, with a Ukrainian official estimating that up to 1,000 soldiers are being killed or wounded each day in the Donbas region of Ukraine alone.

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