Putin eyes 30,000 soldiers trained by British Army who may now fight in Ukraine

Top officials in the Russian military are eying up the recruitment of 30,000 elite Afghan troops who were trained by the British Army and US Seals, reports say.

As bonkers Vladimir Putin grows more desperate with dwindling supplies and soaring casualties, the potential to bag fighters from the Afghan National Army is said to be an attractive one.

After the Taliban takeover, many of the specialist trained soldiers are in hiding and fending for themselves in fear of persecution.

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But some have now been approached by Russian officials with one anonymous former senior Afghan security official telling Foreign Policy the potential call-up was a “game-changer”.

“They have no country, no jobs, no future. They have nothing to lose,” added another whistleblower.

Top military experts within Britain have said the move will be a huge benefit to brutal Vladimir Putin as the troops are familiar with Western warfare and are therefore better placed to fight against Ukrainians.

Dr Marina Miron, of the Centre for Military Ethics at King’s College London, told the Express the move was “logical” and added: “Casualties amongst foreign troops do not count for Russia which is a much more secure choice than mobilising its own troops.

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“The Afghan commandos are familiar with the way the US and the UK operate, hence they are better prepared to face the Ukrainians who have also been trained by both countries.”

The desperate bid for more man-power in the Russian military comes after a controversial conscription caused problems throughout Russian for their ex-KGB leader.

Morale is reportedly so low that during mobilisation people are thrown in dryers and told if they die from a hunger strike it will be portrayed as suicide.

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