Putin growing ‘more isolated’ as ‘lethal aid’ to Ukraine decimating Russian troops

'Western intelligence knows more than Putin' says Paul Scully

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Mr Scully argued that the aid neighbours and NATO have offered Ukraine so far have contributed to delivering a hammer blow to Russia’s military. The Conservative MP explained that the UK would keep offering support and aid to Ukraine, and could help Poland with air defence systems. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been conducting a brutal onslaught on neighbouring Ukraine for nearly a month now.

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari said: “What is the latest as you can tell us, as regards to the situation in Ukraine, particularly in the light of US President Joe Biden?

“He believes, or Washington believes there could be a deployment of some form of biological or chemical weapon.”

Mr Scully said: “Well, with that I don’t know if that’s intelligence he’s got that from, the Western intelligence has been very good in predicting what’s going on with the conflict.

“I think sometimes it seems that the Western intelligence knows more than Vladimir Putin because he seems to be getting more, and more isolated.


Mr Scully added: “But nonetheless, it’s important that we continue to support the Ukrainians and indeed we’re also making sure we support the Polish with defences against the air should that be required as a fellow NATO member.

“We continue to bring in lethal aid…That defence work with Ukrainians from anti-tank missiles to other support.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been pushing for his country’s admission into NATO, as well as full support from NATO countries.

Mr Zelensky admitted that he knew NATO were too afraid to get fully involved in the fight due to the nuclear threat Russia poses on the West.

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Mr Zelensky said: “I explained to all negotiating groups; when you talk about all these changes, and they can be historic, we will not go anywhere, we will come to a referendum.

“And what they will be. This is a matter of our conversation and understanding between Ukraine and Russia.

“Therefore, in any case, I am ready to do anything if my move is with our people.”

One  Western official said: “We think that one of the reasons why a number of generals appear to have been killed is because things are going badly they have to go closer to the front to guide their troops – let’s use that word – in operation.


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“They need to provide more close-up supervision and therefore going further forward and therefore becoming vulnerable to enemy action.”

Russian prisoners of war who are captured by Ukrainian forces when they abscond or refuse to fight in the Russian invasion are protected by the Geneva convention.

The director of Amnesty Internation Joanne Mariner said: “Any public appearances can put prisoners of war at risk when they are returned to their home country, and also prove problematic for their families whilst they are detained.

“Article 13 of the Third Geneva Convention explicitly states that prisoners of war must be protected at all times, particularly from public curiosity. It is the duty of the detaining power to ensure these prisoners’ rights are properly respected from the moment they are captured.”

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