Putin horror: Intercepted call shows Russian mum ‘backing murder of Ukrainian children’

Russian wife’s shocking message to husband caught on telephone call

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The Ukrainian intelligence service SBU has released excerpts of intercepted phone calls from Russian servicemen since the war began nearly two months ago. These include horrific admissions of how invading troops have been slaughtering innocents.

According to one translation, one mother brushed off claims of war crimes by arguing her son was killing “fascists”.

In another call, a mother is said to have encouraged her son to loot Ukrainian properties – something which has already been recorded as happening.

According to a translation of the call by sister paper the Daily Star, intercepted by Russian authorities over Telegram, one Russian soldier tells of horrors he has witnessed.

However, his mother can reportedly be heard responding: “Son, don’t be down. If you only saw what they are doing, you’d know you were doing great work over there.

“Don’t forget it, and tell everyone the same.”

The soldier, apparently taken aback, then asks: “What are we doing? Killing civilians and children?”

She replies: “No, you aren’t killing civilians and children. You are killing f***ing fascists.”

The call is a sign that Putin’s propaganda is having the desired effect on Russians, many of whom are staunch supporters of the Russian President.

Vladimir Putin’s original excuse for the “special military operation” was the “denazification” of Ukraine, which he has repeatedly claimed has fallen to fascism.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, along with many Western leaders, has accused Russia of being guilty of war crimes following reports of indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

The International Criminal Court has opened an investigation into the alleged war crimes, which will continue to add cases as the war continues.

However, many within Russia are oblivious to the true nature of Putin’s invasion, even when they hear of the atrocities from their own children’s mouth.

In the months leading up to the war and throughout it, the Kremlin has used its state propaganda machine to convince many Russians that the war in Ukraine is not only legitimate but morally justifiable.

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Following Western sanctions, Russia has blocked access to many social media platforms and Western news sites, with the main television channels in Russia controlled by the state.

Russian state TV has even used a child star and children’s programming as thinly veiled propaganda designed to brainwash youngsters about the war.

There is, however, dissent within Russia against the conflict, with demonstrations being harshly quelled by police, though this appears to mainly be among younger people.

According to one expert, the age of many adult Russians and the fact they lived through a period of the Soviet Union.

Maximilian Hess, fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, told the Times: “The older people are far more likely to get their news from television, which is controlled by the state.”

He added: “The older Russians are the core basis of Putin’s support; the ones least likely to challenge him, the ones most bought into the propaganda narratives.”

The SBU also said that Russian parents “see the war in Ukraine as a chance to get rich” and were encouraging their children to loot.

Reports have emerged from civilian areas across Ukraine of Russian soldiers raping women and children.

Last Monday, a Ukrainian woman told the BBC of her experience being raped by a Russian soldier before finding her husband shot.

After Russian soldiers stayed in her house for a few days getting high, she said, she described them as “killers, rapists and looters”.

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