Putin in last bid to ‘solidify his legacy’ as ‘declining power of Russia’ threatens record

Putin’s ‘last attempt to solidify his legacy’ says Akabusi

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British former sprint and hurdling track and field athlete Kriss Akabusi claimed that Vladimir Putin felt like it was his last option to leave a historical legacy by starting a war. Tensions between the two European countries have intensified as Putin amassed 130,000 troops around neighbouring Ukraine. The former athlete speculated that if Ukraine joined NATO that the whole Western world would be at war with Russia.

Mr Akabusi said: “What does Putin really, really want? One of the things we can see is that he set the stage.

“Russia has been a declining power when I was a soldier back in the ’80s and ’90s, Russia was this great big superpower and equal to the United States of America.

“It’s declined insignificance and he’s now centre of stage, he’s also somebody now who can say to his people, see we are actually now really, really, important.

“These exercising that they’re doing on the edge of Ukraine, they do them internally anyway, but of course on the edge of Ukraine, it’s now getting really, really worrying.

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Mr Akabusi added: “So he set the stage he’s testing the Western resolve, he’s testing whether we’ve got unity.

“He’s cementing his pledge… His prosperity, because you know right now you’ve got to think what is he, 60?”

GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes said: “No he’s 70.”

Mr Akabusi said: “There you go! See this is the last attempt for a man to solidify his legacy.

Footage purports to show Russian military vehicles on the move

Mr Akabusi added: “What is he going to stand for? And the idea that he could unify Ukraine… He can’t but it’s appealing to him.

“And of course finally, halting NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, halting the spread of Ukraine.

“Because if Ukraine was part of NATO of course the whole Western world would be involved in the war.”

Western leaders have been trying to stop a possible invasion but Putin has been holding firm. His reasons for intimidating Ukraine are due to him not wanting Ukraine to join NATO and align with the Western world.

Global Leaders have advised all of their citizens who are in Ukraine to leave and return to home.


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Mr Heappey said: “My fear is it [an invasion] is very imminent, that’s not to say it’s definitely going to happen.

Many global Ministers from around the world have threatened Putin with harsh economic consequences.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has warned Putin that if he was to occupy Ukraine, tougher economic sanctions would be imposed on Russia, in an attempt to halt the bloody invasion from happening. 

Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said: “First and foremost, Japan is strongly seeking a resolution through diplomatic dialogue.

But if a Russian invasion takes place, Japan will take appropriate steps including possible sanctions, in response to what has actually happened, and in coordination with the G7 and international community.”

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